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Boom Boom · Madrid · 24 Oct 2015
MoonKat's Halloween Rock and Roll Dance Party · Helsinki · 31 Oct 2015
DJ Moonwolf @ work · Screamin' Festival 2015


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Records, Food & Wine... Life!


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Enthusiastic of cooking, when it comes to music... Moonwolf likes it raw!

Rhythm & Blues Preacher, he decided to move onto stage with his bag of 45s when giving up his radio days.

Grown in Ricoamor and all other dens in his hometown, now you will find him spinning the wax at clubs and festivals all over Europe. He even ran his own club (Ego Negro) for some seasons and started the succesful "Rhythm Shack" LP compilation series.

His record bag, filled with the wildest Rhythm & Blues 45rpm original issues, guarantees the Dance Floor Fiesta!


Top 6

Roy Gaines · SKIPPY IS A SISSY (RCA Victor) Listen!

Doc Starkes & The Nite Riders · LOVE ME LIKE CRAZY (Modern Sound) Listen!

Wynonie Harris · LOVIN' MACHINE (King) Listen!

Bill Johnson · YOU BETTER DIG IT (Talos) Listen! Listen!

Betty And Rose · THAT TWISTIN' FEELING (Press) Listen! Listen!

Lulu Reed & Freddy King · YOU CAN'T HIDE (Federal) Listen! Listen!

El Sótano Radio3 meets DJ Moonwolf


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President of Arrop i Tallaetes Gastronomical Society, it took a little while and a lot of food traveling to get this belly!

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